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Connect your SAP SuccessFactors HCM system with Atlassian JIRA

This JIRA add-on connects the two system and allows for seamless integration

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Imagine being able to automatically create JIRA Service Desk requests for every new hire.

It's possible now!

Empyra in cooperation with SAP and Atlassian have launched an add-on "HCM Connector for JIRA" which can be installed on Atlassian JIRA and will integrate SAP SuccessFactors HCM system with Atlassian JIRA using Intelligent Services. With this integration in place, tickets can be created in JIRA Service Desk automatically (using pre-defined rules). This will enable the JIRA to update "To Do" lists for users in SuccessFactors system.

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IT support tickets

Raise IT support ticket in JIRA automatically. New equipment request based on the level or team of the newly hired employee.

Access Requests

Raise Access Card requests to Facilities Management team using JIRA Service Desk.

Reading Tasks

Assign required reading task to the new employee (E.g. code of conduct, vacation policy etc.)

Grant Access

Grant access to JIRA projects based on the group/cost center of the employee.

Availability Assignment

Assignment of ongoing tasks to backup resources in case of Long Term Disability or vacation.

Disallow Assignment

Disallowing JIRA issue assignment in case of employee's long term unavailability.

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To learn how "HCM Connector for JIRA" works please visit our User Guide.

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